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How to Promote My Instagram: Get Free Instagram Likes and Real Followers [Ultimate Guide 2019]


How does Instagram Ranking Work

As of 2019, Instagram has reached over 1 Billion of users. Thus, Instagram ranking relies on a list of principal metrics that influence over your position in Instagram search or Instagram feed. Here is a list of these vital and valuable numbers that will help boost your Instagram account:

Average Engagement rate for your Instagram posts. It means the sum of actions: Instagram Likes, comments shares, views, etc combined together and divided by the number of your followers. Keep this rate as high as possible so that your posts can get higher positions. Related and trendy hashtags on Instagram. Instagram hashtags are a rather important metric in 2019 - this is how users will find your content and probably will like it. Keep your hashtags both trendy and relevant to what your posts about. Make sure you are receiving enough Instagram Likes, Instagram Followers, Instagram Views and Instagram Comments. These metrics are super important for your instagram account. In short - the people will neither follow you, nor like your posts if your Instagram content does not have some basic amount of followers, views and likes. It is pure statistics that a post with over 1000 IG Likes will attract more attention in the feed than a post with less 100 IG Likes. Love it or not, but this is what Instagram, Social Media and Life is about. The frequency of posts and Instagram Stories. Make sure you post regularly enough to keep your audience focused on your content and what you do in life or business. It means that you must post at least twice a week with some fresh, unique content and engage your audience to follow your account in future.

How to Increase the number of Likes and Followers on Instagram

Instagram likes and followers still matter in 2019 for every Instagram user. But how to increase Instagram Likes and Followers, especially if you do not have much money for promoting your IG page. You can still do this with no budget and turn your Instagram into celebrity tier account with thousands of likes and followers on every post. First of all, you need to have a basic number of real friends in your friendlist, someone who look at least real and will support your content. It doesn't really matter if you have only 100 or even 10 pals in your list. This is already a good start. Then, to get more likes and followers for free you can visit a Free Instagram Likes and Followers Trial website. The best choice is FreezLike. It is absolutely free, instant likes and followers delivery. Free likes, no survey, no login. Let us get in details how to get instagram likes and followers for free.

How To Get Free Instagram Likes

Getting free instagram likes might be a challenge for you in 2019. But do not get upset, because there is a solution that delivers real instagram likes and genuine instagram followers for free. FreezLike has a powerful system that can deliver up to 1000 Instagram likes for free and instantly. See this step by step guide on how to get your likes and followers

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