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Twitter has won immense popularity in the last few years and still is a potent competitor to Facebook and Instagram. Even though, Twitter is still in the top 3 list with over 300 million active monthly users. One of the most unique features that is proprietary to Twitter is the way it limits users to write text with only 140 characters per post. Any user is free to add media content of course, but this type of micro-blogging is not really suitable for many bloggers or business accounts. Yet many users have overcome these limitations and manage to convey a meaningful message in just 15-20 words per post. The problem still originates from the extremely low exposure a standard Twitter post gets. Any message on Twitter will get lost among the ocean of content of this social media platform. Hashtags can help a little bit with experienced marketing and exposure, but even this is not a guarantee for success. It is important to invest time and effort into creating new content and release it daily. This can become a very labor intensive task and it can be done on your own in manageable time frames. If you keep managing creative content and promotional campaigns at the same time, the quality of your posts is bound to get lower with time, which means that even if you succeed in attracting any followers, it will be hard to keep them interested in your profile. Here is where Free Twitter retweets come to play.

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