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Why Youtube is so Popular

Youtube is the biggest and most popular video hosting Social Media platform by 2019. This #1 video hosting service counts approximately 2 Billion logged in users per month. There are over 100 millions channels created on Youtube and literally billions of views monthly. Why Youtube is so popular and if you have a chance to become popular on Youtube. There are 5 key factors that determine Youtube platform to be one the most popular Social Media focused on video content:

  • Youtube is Free and you can upload long videos with an hour and over an hour length
  • Youtube is a creator focused video hosting that endorses creative minds to upload new and trending videos engaging audience to watch, like and comment the content
  • Youtube is mobile friendly and is absolutely awesome on tablets which makes it to be #1 platform for all genders, ages and any device-like users.
  • There are hundred thousands of know-how and online courses free videos on Youtube. So it makes this website/application to be even more engaging and valuable.
  • Youtube is old enough Social Media dated since 2006 becoming a real oldschool of the Internet.
  • Youtube has survived a lot of challenges becoming bigger and stronger due to the changes to its ranking system and constantly updating key value factors for content and creators.
  • Youtube is part of Google organization which empowers it as one of the most search-engine friendly website on the Internet with top ranking among other platforms.

How to become popular on Youtube

The question is whether the time for a quick and crazy fame on Youtube are gone or not yet. TL;DR: It is much more harder to get your video on the homepage of Youtube and become insanely famous and wealthy on the video hosting as it was in previous 2013-2016 years. The reason why we have seen these big changes for bloggers is the new policy of Youtube that relies mostly on a trusted, copyright-checked and ethic content that meets all society and law standards. It implies that whether you like it or not the days of pure clickbait and controversial content are gone forever. Now Youtube keeps its eye on the quality and stands of the content and triggers for any kind of violation. However, if you are a conscientious person who cares for its content, youtube audience and deeds then you have 99% chances to succeed on Youtube. Let’s jump on the checklist of how to become famous on youtube:

  • Keep your content unique and meeting all policy and recommendation statements from Youtube.
  • Focus on particular niche of video content and particular audience
  • Upload your content at least one time a week for keeping the audience eganged.
  • Double Check you are developing the community on your channel and having feedback from the subscribers. Make sure they have subscribed with the bell button and answer to all their comments.
  • Keep in mind that both youtube likes and dislikes lead to popularity on youtube
  • Make sure that your content is engaging for the audience and they watch at least 30 per cent of your youtube video. This is a key factor for the ranking system on youtube.
  • Collaborate and friendlist with other bloggers from the same niche on youtube

This Youtube rules list will make it easier to become a top blogger on youtube.

How to Earn Money on Youtube in 2019? Ultimate Guide on Making Money on Youtube

Many people want to know if it possible to make money on youtube today? Long story short, yes you can make money on Youtube. Of course, it is more difficult since the troubles and challenges on the Youtube in 2016-2018. But you can still definitely make $1000 per month on youtube. FreezLike is a professional SMM service with wide experience in Youtube and other Influencer Platforms and we will happily share our experience with you.

  • Key Youtube Earning Metrics are Views, engagement factor and CPM and CPC, audience geography on Youtube, Your Youtube channel niche.
  • Doublecheck You have chosen the right niche and you can deliver engaging content that people will love to watch and share.
  • Make sure you are correctly analyzing your channel metrics and that people watch at least 30 per cent of your vides.
  • It is better to choose the wealthy and best selling niches, such as luxury cars, luxury product unboxing and other trendy and expensive industries.
  • It is better to be located and create a video in tier one countries and deliver content in a popular language that will drive more views to your channel
  • Use Youtube Influencer Tools to analyze content, have better insight and take control over your statistics.
  • Try to collaborate with good and well-known brands and consider the product placement monetization method on Youtube.

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